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Who needs an Estate Sale?
The need for an estate sale can arise under many circumstances. Sales are conducted for clients who are moving, relocating, downsizing, redecorating, facing foreclosure, combining households or have lost a family member or friend. Some of our clients move or re-decorate every 3-5 years and we conduct a sale for them with each move.
What is the Estate Sale process?
The first step is the most time consuming in that we will spend a great deal of time talking about your estate & contents, picking dates for your sale & then formulating a game plan for the big event! 
The week before the sale, we set up the home and prepare it for the sale. Our staff displays the items using our own tables, display cases, signs, cash registers, credit card terminals, etc during the sale and any additional items that may be needed. If you have light carpeting- we protect it with plastic during the sale.
Advertising the Event
We typically advertise our sales in the local newspapers, on our website as well as various additional online advertising, fliers and professionally printed signage.
Over the past few years, Swan Estate Sales has developed a comprehensive mailing list of subscribers who will receive notification of the sale with details & directions a few days before.  We have many loyal repeat customers.  Currently our mailing list is over 200 individuals.
When are sales held? 
Typically a sale is held on a Friday through Sunday depending on the amount of items for sale. Once the sale begins, our staff will assist the customers with questions, pricing and purchasing their items. As items sell, we document them on a log with the price they sold for. We give this information to the homeowner after the sale to keep for their records. From our customers we accept cash and checks from an approved buyer list.
Contact us for more details and upcoming sales information at (512) 345-7542  
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