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Swan Estate Sales has served the state of Texas since 2000. Recently, we started offering online antique appraisals. Anyone can take advantage of this new feature. Submit detailed information about your item(s) and then include a few pictures that capture each angle. After submitting this information, one of our appraisers will analyze the digital information and images. An appraiser will take the time online to appraise as we do in-person to determine an item's value. Clients will then receive the appraisal values within a few business days on average.. Our company provides estate sale and antiue appraisal services for public and private entities. Appraisers through our company can evaluate collectibles and antiques. Then again, they'll look at all items outside of these categories. We don't evaluate certain type of items, including antique coins and collector's automobiles, among other things. Our company works with experts on those categories in order to determine the proper value. Sometimes, judging the value on certain types of antiques is incredibly difficult after all. We never want to give our clients an improper appraisal. The past 15 years have seen us cultivating an incredible reputation in the community. With affordable services, we beat our competition in features and quality. The business is insured and licensed to ensure that we meet state requirements.

We dedicate ourselves to meeting clients' needs and expectations with each interaction. During our hiring process, only the most dedicated and friendly candidates are chosen. This means that our company is filled with wonderful employees that make a difference. Running a company with the best employees possible helps us achieve more. For instance, our team is able to handle more work across the country. We can work with more clients without sacrificing on customer service or results.

Swan Estate Sales features years of experience in appraising antique possessions. Fortunately, we will travel to clients in the local Austin Texas area in order to appraise items. They can also be brought to our business location. Few appraisal companies are more qualified than us to appraise a client's belongings. For each item, we focus upon creating an accurate appraisal of its fair market value. Our appraisers can look at dozens of items or a single item, depending upon the client's existing needs.

First and foremost, our company runs every aspect of a client's estate sale. Clients need to sell properties and possessions for a variety of reasons today. We handle the process from preparing the sale to setting up displays and advertising the sale. Therefore, a client doesn't need to fret over these matters themselves. Team members arrive to run the entire estate sale without a hitch. Each client then winds up getting the highest price possible for each item to maximize profits.

We continue to add more services and improve our appraisal process. Our accuracy is unparalleled by our competitors. Please, don't hesitate to contact us for more information on estate sale and antique appraisal services from Swan Estate Sales!

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