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Swan Estate Sales has been servicing to public and private clients in Texas area since 2000.  Based on our philosophy and our professional ethics, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional, thorough and cost-effective appraisal services. 

Swan Estate Sales and Appraisals is qualified to appraise entire estates or single items of significance.  At present, we do offer online appraisals.  For onsite appraisals, contact us to arrange an appraisal.  For onsite appraisals outside of the Austin area (25 mile radius), additional travel expenses will be charged. 

Although we can provide appraisals for most antique and collectable items, as well as most items comprising estates for which we contract to conduct estate sales, we DO NOT appraise antique coins, stamps, antique textiles such as quilts, or antique automobiles and will consult with such experts for a fair market value.

Online Appraisals
Swan Estate Sales can also provide online appraisals. Please note this is an evaluation online and not a written appraisal.  The online service is to provide you a general idea of value.  The cost is $50.00/pr Item.  
Email pictures to Sold@SwanEstatesSales.com

Verbal/Over the Phone Appraisals
Verbal appraisals will cost $165 pr/hr

Written Appraisals
The values of antiques, fine art and personal property change over time and have different values in different markets. A current appraisal is required by insurance companies, estate planners, accountants, lawyers and trust officers in order to know the current value when making important decisions regarding your valuable property. 

An up-to-date professional appraisal by a qualified appraiser is the most reliable source of personal property valuation. An appraisal enables you to make educated decisions and to avoid making financial mistakes as to the value of your personal property at crucial times of life. 

Some of the factors that influence value are condition of the item, age of the item, rarity, desirability, provenance (history) and attractiveness. Other value determinants are recent comparable sales, opinions of experts, purpose of the appraisal (whether for insurance or estate), and whether the value is retail replacement cost, market value or liquidation value.

An appraisal provides a written estimate of the value of an item.  Swan Estate Sales and Appraisals provides complete, accurate, and reliable information at a realistic cost. 

We Specialize in Appraisals for. . .
Antiques, Fine Art and residential personal property for insurance 
Damage claims - Loss of Value 
Repair and replacement 
Equal distribution in divorce and probate settlement 
Division of Personal Property Amongst Heirs 
Tax Liability 
Establishment of Trust 
Estate Planning 
Gift items for charitable contribution for IRS (Non-Cash Personal Property & Form 8283) 
Appraisal review 
Expert witness for cases in litigation 
Office and business equipment for bankruptcy
Collateral loans 
Commercial damage claims for items in interstate shipments
Dissolution of partnerships
Insurance for personal property and business inventory / equipment

Appraisal Fees:
Fees for appraisals are based on the scope of the work.  
$550/hr - Typical appraisal, plus travel time over 25 miles out of Austin 

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